Block is delighted to be supporting Yorkshire Fertility and The Health Informatics Service (THIS) in this year’s Health Service Journal Value Awards. Yorkshire Fertility’s use of the Block Virtual Patient Consultation platform has achieved inclusion on the shortlist for the ‘Use of information technology to drive value in clinical services’ award.

Yorkshire Fertility patients and their partners were required to travel to the hospital for appointments; often encountering heavy traffic, parking restrictions, time away from work and unnecessary stress amongst other challenges. The patient experience was felt to lack flexibility, choice and personalisation.

Working in a ‘triangle of collaboration’; Yorkshire Fertility, THIS and Block have aligned to transform the way in which clinics are ran and appointments held, and are amongst the first to develop a Hybrid Clinic. Patients are no longer required to leave the comfort of their own homes, and can engage with their clinician in real-time, and with ease through Block’s Virtual Patient Consultation solution.

“It is extremely satisfying to be able to offer a virtual consultation to a patient who lives far away or who has to work. Whilst maintaining the privacy and personalisation, it makes sense to have an appointment that fits in to their lives whilst going through what can often be a very traumatic time,” explains Helen Sutcliffe of Yorkshire Fertility.

A recent patient audit found that 98% of patients felt they saved time, 94% would use the service again, and 95% would recommend it to others. Yorkshire Fertility is now able to deliver the same high-quality patient experience, regardless of location and with a new level of consideration to patient age, lifestyle and time.

“Collaborating with Block has been wonderful. They have a clued up team that focus on the technology to realise the end result which always benefits the patient. It makes such a difference when we are all working toward the same goal,” concludes Richard Hill of The Health Informatics Service.

Award Winners are to be announced at the annual HSJ Value Awards Dinner held in Manchester on 7th June. Full details of all entrants can be found here (via HSJ).


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