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Health Transformation

Successful healthcare transformation begins with a resolute focus on the organisation’s strategic priorities and objectives: only then can investment in new digital technologies and services be sure to increase operational efficiency and improve clinical outcomes.

By investing time to understand current capabilities and pain points, the needs and working practices of clinicians and front line staff, and the unique commercial and operational aspirations of each Trust, our team is able to help healthcare clients plan and navigate the optimal route ahead. Engaging closely with clinical, operational and IT leadership, we deliver technology, solutions and services that result in safer, more effective and more efficient patient care.

Our depth of healthcare experience means we can better analyse workflows to resolve complexity, and create lasting solutions that solve today’s healthcare challenges, while promoting ongoing and proactive innovation.

Mobile Clinical Workspace

The clinical working environment raises unique challenges for IT departments, demanding a robust combination of mobility, flexibility, security, and efficiency.

To deliver the very best in patient care, increasing numbers of healthcare staff require timely, accurate and secure digital information on the move, and must be able to access services through shared resources and collaborate across geographically dispersed teams.

Our medical grade wireless LAN services and mobile clinical workspace solutions are proven to meet these competing demands while saving time and operating cost and streamlining security and governance. Placing ease of use and speed at the fore, without compromising on security, clinicians and users enjoy a more accessible and user-friendly environment.

Safety and Quality

While safety and care quality are consistently the top priorities for care providers, the sheer volume of factors which contribute to overall performance in these areas can pose a real challenge.

Decision makers are faced with a myriad of competing options for improvement and investment, and must prioritise carefully within the constraints of available resources.

Our approach is born out of many years partnering with Trusts and care providers across the health sector. By understanding each organisation’s unique safety and quality goals, measures and challenges, and the impact of these on staff and patients ‘on the ground’, we create evidence-based strategies that improve levels of safety, quality, commercial and clinical compliance for all stakeholders.

Patient Experience

The quality of patient experience is an increasingly influential factor in healthcare priorities and IT investment decisions, but standards of patient experience continue to vary widely from Trust to Trust.

Our expertise and experience working ‘on the ground’ in Trusts up and down the country means we can help clinical and business leaders achieve greater insight and respond effectively to patients’ needs through:

  • Digital review of current patient offerings and available services
  • Steps to keep the patient informed, engaged and connected
  • Full communications review (web, social media, letter, phone, remote consultation)
  • Strategies to shorten the length of stay
  • Friends and family test gatherings and patient feedback
  • Analysis and methodology review
  • Steps to reduce delays in patient care pathways
  • Solutions to improve service and safety

Security and Compliance

The evolving cyber threat landscape means that any organisation handling sensitive data must operate with a ‘when, not if’ approach to security and compliance. Organisations must put in place measures to minimise risk of attack or compromise, but must also be ready to respond swiftly and effectively when breaches do occur.

Block helps healthcare organisations meet the security and compliance challenge by applying a combination of processes, strategies and specific technologies that have been proven across healthcare environments.

Next-Generation Digital MDT’s

Effective and efficient collaboration is the watchword for MDTs. While all recognise the imperative for continuous sharing of expert knowledge, the logistics of making this a reality can pose what appear to be insurmountable challenges.

The sheer diversity of multidisciplinary teams creates unique collaborative complexity, requiring seamless integration of people, process, communications and information systems, often crossing geographical and organisational boundaries.

Our work with MDTs has allowed us to develop effective and affordable routes to continuous collaboration. We apply a proven digital digital approach that enables flexible, secure communication between members, whatever their location, with efficient, real-time sharing of sensitive clinical data. New services, communications rooms, endpoints and user devices can be provisioned with ease, and resources are employed flexibly and efficiently to enable increased levels of MDT hosting.

Members achieve reductions in delay, reduced costs and faster decision-making, particularly when applied to large working groups.

Medical-Grade Digital Infrastructure

A mature, optimised and versatile digital infrastructure is a prerequisite for delivering real service innovation in clinical environments; achieving and maintaining this with limited available resources requires proven expertise and a methodical, outcome-driven approach to investment.

By understanding the strategic objectives and working constraints of each organisation, spanning clinical, operational, financial and IT, we help healthcare clients prioritise limited resources to enable a ‘no compromise’ approach to digital infrastructure and network design.

Our unique, TOGAF aligned approach allows healthcare clients who may be wrestling with costly, reactive and unpredictable systems to swiftly transition to newer technologies, better policies and procedures, and optimised services that power effective clinical collaboration, drive service innovation and allow IT, clinical and operational stakeholders to work in true partnership.

Productivity, Efficiency & Spend Allowance

Healthcare providers are under consistent pressure to identify and resolve inefficiencies and uncover new opportunities to reduce spend and streamline operations.

Our breadth of experience integrating workflows, processes and technology solutions within clinical environments allows us to deliver actionable intelligence to leadership teams, finance and procurement, and departmental management to help Trusts in their drive to improve productivity and optimise spend efficiency.