Next-Generation Network Security

Our approach to next generation network security is simple: it should be pervasive and proactive.

Our solutions combine end-to-end security with unparalleled visibility of network behavior and threat activity, enabling a rapid and effective response to security risks and events.  Network security is designed with proactive capabilities in mind, seeing off threats wherever possible before any disruption to normal business operations has occurred.

We work with clients to develop centralised, policy-driven security operations that combine best-in-breed technologies with best-practice service models; uniting people, process and platform to transition security from a reactive and unpredictable overhead to being agile and proactive.

Cisco TrustSec

The platinum level in network security is segmentation across your internal network, providing the optimal protection against malicious and unauthorised access.

With more traditional solutions, this would be a painstaking and resource-intensive task involving manual processes and potentially disruptive network redesigns.

Cisco’s TrustSec solution responds to this challenge by using software-defined segmentation to reduce the risk of malware propagation, simplify security operations, and assist in meeting compliance goals. We have proven expertise in designing, integrating and managing Cisco TrustSec.

This software-defined security approach enables centralised, policy-based security and access control while avoiding many of the disadvantages of a fully identity-aware endpoint classification and segmentation solution.

Controlled Secure Access

Access control solutions must deliver robust authentication and protection of sensitive resources, while remaining pragmatic, affordable and user friendly.

Block specialises in designing and delivering fully integrated and identity-aware security access controls for the entire converged network. With solutions catering to both wired and wireless access, we can help transition your organisation onto a secure platform that protects data and controls access to services without hindering your users in their day to day activities.

Content Security

Our Content Security solutions integrate with other security services and solutions to provide comprehensive protection against content-based threats.

Our capabilities span email, web filtering and real-time threat and behavior analysis. Our solutions will help you to minimise false positives and protect users and resources against contact based malware and identify and respond to significant threats efficiently and effectively.

Hybrid & Cloud Solutions

Many of our security solutions can be provided on premise, via Block’s cloud, or via a hybrid combination of the two, to suit your individual business needs.

By understanding your immediate and longer-term priorities, we will develop a service provision model that flexes with your business, increases speed of implementation, reduces time to value, and remains evergreen, breaking the cycle of often costly, disruptive and risky comprehensive technology reinvestment.

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