Assessment Services

Understanding the current maturity of your infrastructure, operations and service models is crucial. This provides the initial starting point for future improvement, progression and change.

Organisations need accurate, timely and comprehensive information to plan ahead effectively – blinds spots or siloed information will quickly turn a project off course and frustrate ROI efforts.

Block offers a portfolio of comprehensive assessments and audits that deliver real-time intelligence. We apply proven methodologies aligned with benchmarks across technology architectures, service models, security policies and strategy. This provide our clients with insight needed to identify and mitigate risk and to plan ahead effectively.

Design Services

Successful solution design relies upon the levels of technical expertise, industry knowledge, commercial acumen and operational experience applied.

Our design practices combine a high ratio of experts technically qualified to the highest standards and with deep ‘on the ground’ industry experience, applying a balanced approach that allows customers to build reliable solutions that respond flexibly to shifts in business priority.

By applying proven techniques and methods that closely integrate solutions with desired outcomes, we can produce validated High-Level and Low-Level Designs that strike the optimal balance, whatever your business challenge. Comprehensive demo-centres and reference architecture expertise give customers the insight and confidence to develop the right solution for their organisation.

Deployment, Testing & Integration Services

Deployment, testing and integration is a make-or-break success factor in any technology investment.

Our clients turn to us as a trusted partner to provide the right level of expertise, essential ‘on the ground’ experience with a proven methodology to assist and support throughout this stage. From initial configuration and deployment right through to end-user education and adoption, our team can help you accelerate time to value and secure long-term ROI.

Project Management Services

Our project management services are designed to help you achieve control of the scope, budget, time and quality of your project, whatever the scale and complexity.

Aligned with Prince 2 standards, our team will ensure your engagements are clearly staged, controlled and underpinned by comprehensive governance and documentation. Our customer-centric managed risk and change, and ensures that any issues that do arise can be swiftly and effectively addressed with clear lines of communication, escalation and change approval. Projects are predictable and achieve desired outcomes, while decision-makers have the visibility and capability to keep projects on track throughout the entire investment lifecycle.

Transition Services

Our transition portfolio delivers a fast and effective transfer of services, processes, technology and ownership from project and into production.

Using a proven transition lifecycle approach, we ensure that the organisation taking responsibility for the successful operation of any new solution has the skills, experience, training and expertise required to be successful.

This is complimented with comprehensive documentation and best practice procedures for future management of service. With a clearly defined service model, we help clients to get this crucial stage of the investment cycle right, driving high levels of user adoptions and business outcomes.

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