Our foundation level of support enables clients to underpin their own existing IT resources with peace of mind and dependability. When internal IT teams are faced with technical, time or resource constraints, Block foundation support helps clients extend their reach to resolve issues swiftly and efficiently.

Foundation Level Support includes:

  • Asset management
  • Hardware replacement
  • Software advisory for known errors
  • Coordination of vendors
  • Engineer to site if required


Operate level support provides modular service components that compliment and build upon existing service and operating models within the organisation. Block extends capability to ensure service elements are delivered with speed, agility and in a cost and time efficient manner. This gives our clients the flexibility to align internal and external resource strategically with key business priorities.

In addition to the features of Foundation, Operate level includes:

  • Incident investigation
  • Vendor management
  • Optional Patch management
  • Optional Monitoring and alerting
  • Optional Service management overlay


Manage level support provides an entirely collaborative and immersive support approach. Our service managers and technical teams will work with you to form a true extension of your existing structure. This affords our clients complete autonomy flexibility, freedom to maintain valuable internal focus on key strategic initiatives.

In addition to the features of Foundation and Operate, Manage level includes:

  • Enhanced service operations
  • Incident resolution
  • Root cause analysis
  • Maintenance of patch levels
  • Architectural roadmaps
  • Health checks
  • Optional On-site resource

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