Converged Network Access

The enterprise network has had to adapt to an environment of rapidly increasing user mobility and a proliferation of user devices.

Our team of experts can help you prioritise available resources to design, build and deliver enterprise-class networks that flex with your business, underpinned by best-practice service and governance models that ensure a robust and reliable platform.

With mobility at their core, our network solutions are designed to provide the very best user of client experience, regardless of location or device. With an architectural that delivers a single network access control view, you will be able to provision new services, deploy new technology standards and enforce new security policies efficiently and effectively.

Connected Mobile Experience

With the rapid adoption of digital services, for many organisations mobility now means much more than simple wireless connectivity: the best mobility platforms are rightly recognised as strategic assets to the business.

Block develops transformative, end-to-end connected mobile experiences, often designed with a specific industry and operating model in mind. Our portfolio spans intelligent asset tracking, mobile user applications and devices, wayfinding, wireless security and a range of mobility and industry-specific solutions.

Whether the goal is to enhance employee collaboration or deliver state-of-the-art customer experience, our award-winning mobility solutions can help you get the most out of today’s mobility technologies.

Cisco Enterprise Mobility Services Platform – EMSP

Context-aware mobility solutions deliver the next generation in immersive, personalised user experience.

Using context-aware data such as location and user profile, you’re enabled to create and deploy unique experiences that engage people on mobile devices.

Cisco’s Enterprise Mobility Services Platform (EMSP) is leading the way in context-aware mobility, allowing you to push bespoke content to customers and add context-awareness to existing mobile applications.

Our team of mobility consultants have the proven skills and experience aligned to specific industries and commercial environments, to help you get the maximum value from the opportunities that context-aware mobility has to offer. Based on your individual business situation and objectives, we will develop and deploy a solution that delivers a unique user experience, while helping you achieve your commercial objectives, safely, efficiently and cost effectively.

Wireless Site Surveys

Cut corners on wireless site survey and RF analysis, and your entire mobility investment may be in jeopardy.

Most of us have at some point experienced the frustration of knowing that important information, applications or services could be accessed, if only we had reliable wireless connectivity to them.  In industries where mobility plays a crucial role in day-to-day operations – such as retail or healthcare – this frustration can rapidly evolve into a major issue requiring urgent resolution.

We offer you proven, specialist experience in delivering comprehensive site surveys in challenging environments. Employing a standards-based approach and the latest wireless survey technologies, we can help you to ensure that the wireless platform you are building continues to deliver maximum impact across your organisation once deployed.

Guest Access Services

Organisations now offer guest access to digital resources for a whole host of reasons, whether to provide enhanced customer experiences, drive new revenue streams or promote more effective collaboration with partners.

Our Guest Access solutions draw on elements from across our Network, Security, Cloud and Services portfolios to deliver comprehensive Guest Access capabilities designed to fit any commercial or operating model.

By understanding your objectives and engaging closely with all of the key stakeholders, we will enable you to develop a Guest Access platform that meets both current and future need, is robust and secure, and cost-effective and efficient to operate.

Intelligent WAN

Block provides Intelligent WAN services for clients needing to improve the connectivity and resilience of remote locations, and to manage the costs associated with traditional circuits.

Our expertise in designing, integrating and managing lower cost internet circuits from dedicated cloud and internet service providers allows clients to find the most efficient path to building application and content aware networks, with the right levels of performance, resilience and security.

Hybrid & Cloud Solutions

Many of our enterprise networking solutions can be provided on premise, via Block’s cloud, or via a hybrid combination of the two, to suit your individual business needs.

By understanding your immediate and longer-term priorities, we will develop a service provision model that flexes with your business, increases speed of implementation, reduces time to value, and remains evergreen, breaking the cycle of often costly, disruptive and risky comprehensive technology reinvestment.

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