Block Mobile Workspace

Block Mobile Workspace provides users with the convenience, speed and freedom to work regardless of location or device, always remaining productive and efficient without compromising on quality or security.

Our Mobile Workspace solution eliminates the barriers and delays that many staff face when working in various locations, enabling access to applications and information within seconds, and supporting improved workflows through a fast, follow-me desktop and application single sign-on.

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Mobility Management

Our Mobility Management services help organisations reduce cost while improving end user experience and streamlining the complexity associated with managing a wide range of devices and applications.

We work with clients to manage the diagnostics, analytics, monitoring and security of mobile devices allowing end-users to work on the device of their choice without compromising on security. We provide organisations with a seamless service to effectively manage all devices and securely deliver applications and information to users.

Identity Management

As organisations rely on an increasing range of systems and applications, it can prove difficult to maintain the balance between security, flexibility and efficiency.

By providing multiple authentication options, improved automation and a range of self-service capabilities, our solutions translate to easier access to applications and resources, simplified management, and increased visibility.

Workspace Migration Services

Whilst organisations are often clear on the end-user computing environment they aspire to provide, many factors can slow the path to achieving this, and create delays in benefits realisation.

Block takes a partnership approach to work with in-house IT and support staff in organisations challenged to effectively drive improvements and enhancements whilst maintaining response of day-to-day demands. Acting as an extension of your team, Block provides the expert skills and experience required to ensure a smooth transition for what is often vital and highly visible end-user services.

Cloud & Hybrid Services

All of our End-User Computing solutions can be provided on premise, via our cloud, or a hybrid combination of the two, to suit your individual business needs.

By understanding your immediate and longer-term priorities, we will develop a service provision model that flexes with your business, increases speed of deployment, reduces time to value, and remains evergreen. This is turn breaks the cycle of often costly, disruptive and risky comprehensive technology reinvestment.

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