Converged Architecture

When designing modern-day Data Centres for long-term performance and efficiency, convergence is essential. A converged platform that combines servers, networking, storage and hypervisor into a single supported solution will maximise efficiency, minimise total cost of ownership and improve overall resilience.

Our modular Data Centre solutions can be flexibly adapted to meet individual business needs and budgets, with scale, speed high levels of automation to maximise efficient operation and support for the long-term business priorities.

We also provide active-active DC solutions, allowing optimised load balancing of services across your Data Centres to achieve maximum ROI. With integrated and automated failover, these solutions deliver zero data loss and a recovery time of minutes, providing critical applications with the resilience demanded by today’s users.

Hyperconverged Architecture

HyperConverged is the next iteration and evolution of converged infrastructure, collapsing compute and storage onto the server, with optimised in-built backup. Whilst not appropriate for all customers, it can result in significant cost savings compared to more traditional infrastructure approaches.

Block’s HyperConverged solutions further decrease hardware costs, accelerate time to value and reduce operational complexity by converging networking within this single, flexible and software-defined platform.

With an expertly designed HypeConverged Data Centre architecture, our clients enjoy a flexible, affordable and future-proof platform that can quickly scale out and is easy to support and operate.

Software Defined Networking

Traditional networking approaches in the data centre are often unsuitable for many organisations as they introduce unnecessary risk, have limited scalability and may be cumbersome to manage.

With the proliferation of big data, private cloud, and modern application architectures, Data Centre networking has had to evolve. Block’s software-defined approach to networking provides the greater scalability and agility modern application architectures require.

Our SDN architectures support policy-driven, centralised management to drive down operating complexity, while delivering highly adaptable, resilient platforms that can continually respond to ongoing business growth and transformation.

Storage & Data Management

Organisations are facing significant change In data demands as application sets continue to evolve. A tailored approach enables significant and simultaneous advances in capacity, speed and performance.

Block’s Storage & Data Management solutions combine industry leading storage technologies with expert design and delivery capability, to provide the flexibility, scalability and performance demanded of organisations in the digital era.

Whatever the scenario, Block works with clients to understand their individual data management requirements, building an affordable strategy that meets today’s need while remaining scalable and adaptable for the future.

Backup & Archive

The drive to digital transformation has led to a proliferation of information and data, with many organisations having to invest in costly and complex back up and archiving platforms.

Traditional backup solutions often suffer from expensive licensing models, backing up static or obsolete data that is increasingly difficult to manage and costly to store. Our approach to backup delivers significant cost savings over these more traditional backup infrastructures.

Combined with a comprehensive archiving strategy, our solutions will help you reduce cost while improving backup windows and accelerating recovery of applications and data. Where appropriate, we advocate the inclusion of an ‘archive first’ approach that ensures static data is being archived and thereby reduces primary backup cost, resulting in a lower cost but highly scalable archive platform.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

As IT services become ever-more to business functionality, organisations require a robust and effective approach to business continuity and disaster recovery.

The expectations of today’s consumer and business IT user mean that application or service downtime – for any period of time – can have a hugely detrimental impact on revenues, performance and brand profile.

Our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions draw on best-of-breed elements across our Data Centre and Cloud portfolios to provide a platform for critical applications. With integrated, automated failover, our solutions are designed to deliver zero data loss and a recovery time of just minutes.

Block’s proven expertise in this area enables us to work in partnership with clients to develop a solution that is both affordable and effective.

Automation Solutions

Automation across the Data Centre delivers many benefits. Increased automation typically leads to lower Total Cost of Ownership and higher Return on Investment, whilst allowing organisations to respond to opportunities and threats faster and more efficiently.

We design and build Data Centre solutions to maximise automation, streamlining operations and support, and freeing up your resources to address other business priorities.

In addition to replacing manual data centre provisioning with automated workflows, we can also provide automation of user service workloads, ranging from simplified IT operations right through to fully automated, self-service provision delivered direct to the end-user.

Cloud & Hybrid Solutions

All of our Data Centre solutions can be provided on-premise, in the cloud, or via a hybrid combination of the two, to suit your individual business needs.

By understanding your immediate and longer-term priorities, we will develop a Data Centre provision model that flexes with your business, increases speed of implementation, reduces time to value, and remains affordable and evergreen, breaking the cycle of often costly, disruptive and risky comprehensive technology refresh.

With cloud capabilities spanning storage and data management, disaster recovery, backup and archiving and data centre infrastructure management, our cloud solutions can provide the extra resilience and flexibility you need, with innovative, consumption-based pricing models that ensure ongoing affordability.

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