At the heart of any collaboration solution is a voice platform that provides a robust foundation on which to build.

At Block, we partner with leading vendors to provide a voice environment that supports new ways of working for both fixed and mobile users, and to which additional services, such as video and web collaboration, can easily be added and integrated and built upon.


Video communication is an increasing normality for users in everyday life, but harnessing the potential of video at an enterprise level can be a challenge.

Block designs and delivers solutions that respond to business needs, with deep insight into specific industries to ensure use cases that drive the full benefits of video deployment. Following the ‘browser to boardroom’ approach, we focus on user experience and flexibility. From a simple video call to a full scale multi-location collaboration event, ease of use and consistency remains the same regardless of user type.


Effective collaboration relies increasingly on working groups that can come together flexibly and swiftly, can share timely information with ease, and can make informed decisions that respond to challenges and opportunities in real-time.

Our ‘any to any’ messaging solutions help individuals, teams and departments both within and outside your business to be more agile, flexible and productive. Whether it’s checking someone’s availability, starting a group chat, or working in a more persistent team space, our messaging platforms provide a comprehensive collaboration experience.


Our Collaboration solutions and services are designed to ensure that when users move between workspaces, they enjoy an optimised and consistent collaboration experience, regardless of device.

Our mobile services extend to provide pervasive, secure access to end users, allowing them to choose when, where and how they work, with continual and reliable access to the collaboration tools they need.

Customer Care

We help organisations deal with a wide variety of customer contact requirements and challenges across a range of different communications media, from simple helpdesks to complex omni-channel customer care centres.

Our specialists will work with your key business and customer care stakeholders to provide a solution that is aligned to your business processes, strategy and objectives, delivering consistent results that enhance customer service Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Hybrid & Cloud Services

All of our Collaboration solutions can be provided on premise, via our cloud, or a hybrid combination of the two, to suit your individual business needs.

By understanding your immediate and longer-term priorities, we will develop a service provision model that flexes with your business, increases speed of deployment, reduces time to value, and remains evergreen. This is turn breaks the cycle of often costly, disruptive and risky comprehensive technology reinvestment.

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