Services and Solutions

Consultancy Services

Block was founded as a consultancy, and our principles of building long-term relationships, listening carefully to clients needs, and delivering on our promises, remain unchanged. We know from experience that success comes from a deep understanding of our client’s needs, applied vertical expertise, and a methodical, proven approach.

To get the most for your business, staff and IT, we invest time with key stakeholders to build a tailored strategy, one that works for you and is achievable within your available resources. Our comprehensive range of consulting services combine best-practice with commercial pragmatism, guiding clients so that they can prioritise resources effectively and ensure investment remains tightly aligned to business goals.

Professional Services

Our range of expert services is designed to work with you, supporting and accelerating every stage of the investment lifecycle, from assessment and planning, through design, deployment and project management, and on through to full transition, user adoption and integration.

We begin with clearly understanding priorities and challenges, applying methodical planning and a sound approach to delivery, management, measurement and communication. Appreciating what you want to achieve, and why, is just as important as having the capability to deliver the technical solution.

Behind this best-practice approach is a team of experts whose primary motivation is to solve your problems and create value for your organisation. Combining industry know-how with our pragmatic and outcome-driven methodology, we help clients achieve success.

Managed Services

We take a collaborative approach to Service Delivery that promotes long-term partnership with clients. Our Managed Services portfolio, BLOCKCare, provides the technical and support skills needed to extend existing capability, as well providing reliable 24/7 cover and additional capacity to free up resources internally.

Our depth and breadth of technical expertise, resolute focus on best-practice and close vendor relationships means that we can deliver the services our clients entrust to us with the highest service levels, fast response times and in a cost-effective manner.

Cloud Services

As the tide of cloud adoption continues with momentum, organisations can sometimes feel the push to invest in ‘cloud for cloud’s sake’, losing sight of the sound business and technology outcomes that should motivate the transition to cloud services.

Designed always with the end user in mind, our cloud services maintain a firm focus on measurable outcomes, and have been developed to be as efficient and accessible as possible without compromising on security or business integrity. Built and certified with our world-leading strategic partners, our cloud services provide peace of mind and dependability for our clients.

With a vertical approach, our cloud services have been designed to address specific industry pain-points in more predictable operations that reduce cost and require less investment and intervention. Clients enjoy a faster, more flexible platform from which they can continue to develop and deliver new business services from.

Enterprise Networking

A reliable, robust and versatile network forms the essential foundation for effective information and communication services across your organisation. Without it, responsive alignment of people, process and platform can remain frustratingly out of reach.

We provide expertise through the design and integration of wired and wireless networks, helping our clients to deliver reliable high performing connectivity across an ever-evolving business environment.

Always innovative in our approach, we remain at the forefront of technology and best practice service models and industry trend awareness. This enables our clients to develop and extend capabilities securely and with minimal risk, delivering state of the art services to users and customers alike.

End-User Computing

Secure and efficient access to applications and data is essential for any organisation. Our End-User Computing solutions are designed to optimise and transform the way staff access information whilst streamlining management and strengthening data security.

Focused on business and end-user requirements, our solutions are engineered to deliver successful outcomes and realise new levels of productivity.


With so many communication and collaboration tools and services available to choose from, it can be a real challenge to understand which solution is best for your business. You need a partner you can trust to provide the expertise and the solution that’s right for you, so you can be confident that desired benefits will be fully realised.

Our award winning collaboration team will work with you to understand your current business priorities, objectives and user interactions (as individuals, teams and departments). We’ll use this knowledge to shape each collaboration experience so that it delivers uniquely against those objectives. Adoption champions will guide you through the whole process to ensure a measurable and successful outcome.

Whether you’re looking at cloud, hybrid or on-premise solutions, Block will partner with you to build a platform that flexes with your business. Our solutions will help you save time and money, increase productivity and efficiency and adopt new collaboration models and practices that maximise performance.

Data Centre

As businesses embrace digital transformation, the performance demands on corporate data centre services are both increasing and continually evolving.

Many companies are facing dramatic growth in data, applications and services, and must find ways to keep up with a rapidly changing landscape and ever-increasing user demands.

Our Data Centre services and solutions help customers navigate the route ahead by resolving complexity, aligning investment with business goals, and accelerating deployment to minimise time to value. Clients benefit from a flexible, resilient, cost-effective and evergreen platform.


Security is changing. Against a background of pervasive digital services and omni-channel customer engagement, successful cyber-attacks are no longer just a concern for the IT department, but pose a serious threat to a company’s performance and brand reputation. Information security is now a board priority.

Whilst no solution can provide foolproof defense, our next generation network security solutions deliver real-time protection for your network, preventing attacks before harm is caused, and helping you identify and respond to security events that do occur efficiently and effectively.