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Customer Journey and Experience

Retailers who can clearly understand, personalise and manage the entire customer journey drive better value for themselves and their customers. Personalised, one-to-one shopping experiences foster brand loyalty, a crucial factor in achieving year-on-year revenue growth and ROI.

But with so many customer touchpoints, retailers must find new ways to collaborate and share information across functions, channels, departments and levels if they are to achieve this goal.

Early adopter retailers are already reaping the benefits: by identifying which customer journeys have the greatest impact – on customer satisfaction and desired business outcomes – they can swiftly adapt business models to maximise value and outmanoeuvre the competition. It’s clear that understanding data across multiple touchpoints is a challenge that successful retailers of the future need to meet.

This means harvesting new types of data, aggregating it in new ways and making sense of this new information. By encouraging a new, dynamic ‘act on fact’ culture, retailers can adapt swiftly and seize opportunities in an ever-evolving consumer market. Seeing this journey through the eyes of the customer provides fresh insight on satisfaction metrics and allows retailers to align spending with business strategy and effectively prioritise investment.

Customer Analytics & Business Intelligence

In the drive to transition from the ‘IT as a cost centre’ model towards IT as an ‘agent for positive change’, retail IT investments must deliver clear ROI.

Real-time customer analytics and business intelligence are essential elements of this transition. Retailers can harness the power of data to better understand consumer shopping habits, increase wallet share or basket size, and define and meet new and evolving retail metrics. At the same time, analytics solutions enable retailers to drive the maximum value out of their existing and future IT investments.

In-store Customer Analytics data, for instance, allows retailers to leverage the value of the in store wireless network to provide marketing intelligence, increasing revenues for clear ROI. Typical store visits involve a smart device, and nearly every shopping customer is digitally connected. By combining buying behaviour with physical location data gathered via the store’s wireless network, retailers gain unique insight on how their store operates, and can adapt traffic and customer journey plans to maximise revenue opportunity.

When fully harnessed, this data enables retailers to ‘merge’ the consumer’s physical and digital shopping experiences. Customers connect with the brand for longer and average spend values increase.

Reducing IT Time To Value

The future belongs to the fast. Retail has consistently been on the front line of the digital revolution, meaning traditional retail businesses must adapt to survive. New business models, disruptive technologies, new data sources and new ways of thinking are driving ‘the new normal’.

With technology now an integral aspect of business strategy, and the pace of change increasing, ‘time to value’ is a crucial metric of success for IT investment within any retail business.

IT must step up to its new role of business transformation centre, requiring high performance in two key areas:

  • Providing a robust, reliable, resilient, fast and highly connected platform that acts as the heartbeat that ‘keeps the lights on’
  • Becoming an agile service provider and continuous innovation centre to ensure retailers stay ahead of the game

Speed to market and capturing value are on every retail CEO’s agenda. Meanwhile, every retail CIO is trying to find that balance between reliability and innovation. Modern retailers need ways to ‘fail fast and pivot’ so that new products and services can be taken to market in the quickest and most efficient way possible.

We offer a broad range of technology and service solutions that enable retail IT departments to bring these strategies to life. With expertise spanning automation, productivity, data capture, intelligence and control, and proven experience with the latest IT consumption models, on- and off-premise application delivery, hyper-converged technologies and trusted vendor partnerships, we are ideally placed to help retailers achieve sustainable, long-term performance in an ever evolving market.

Retail Digitalisation – Convergence of On-Line and In-Store

Today’s digitally equipped shoppers increasingly expect a seamless, digitally enabled, multi-channel experience.

For retailers, the message is clear: in all aspects of the retail experience, whether in store, at home or on the move, digital shoppers expect the speed, convenience and information access they get via the Internet. The net is their norm.

Retailers must ensure that whatever channel a customer chooses, their technology and their people can function in sync to support the customer experience end-to-end and maintain engagement through to sale. Retailers are therefore becoming more customer-centric in decision making and strategy, defining new business models that are driven by customer experience.

This translates to a wide range of demands on retail IT. With customer service high on the agenda, fresh ways of connecting with customers and collaborating with colleagues are essential; digitally savvy customers demand a powerful mobile information platform, via networks with abundant bandwidth and low latency; and the rapidly evolving consumer tech market means agile store architectures must enable rollout of new functionality to all stores in days, not years.

Converged Operations, Intelligent Buildings and the Internet of Things

From the warehouse loading bay to the front door of the store, intelligent devices, the digitisation of the once analogue, and the convergence of IT and OT are transforming modern retail operations to deliver enhanced performance and flexibility.

With rapid evolution in both the customer demand landscape and the enabling technology markets, retailers have an imperative to ‘get there first’ if they are to build sustainable growth.

We offer a range of retail solutions that can leverage reliable core and mobile/wireless infrastructures to connect objects, machines, systems, and people in new ways that drive productivity, reduce costs, and deliver transformative results. Automation and control are integral, providing real-time and longer-term intelligence so retailers can continually adapt to both opportunity and threat.

From converged CCTV through to digital building management systems, from centralised access control to automated store and back office lighting, from warehouse location tracking to in-store customer behaviour analysis, the cost savings for retailers can be significant, and importantly, can be realised in weeks rather than months or years.


The Productivity Imperative

A consistent theme in all of our retail client work is the drive to achieve more with available resources, by adopting innovative technology and implementing next generation service and governance models.

Experience shows us that technology is just one piece of the puzzle: by understanding what motivates people to perform within your own organisation, and firmly aligning systems and services to the strategic priorities of your retail business, our solutions and service expertise allows clients to enhance and streamline processes to deliver quantifiable improvements in operational efficiency.

Clients are able to reduce cost per capita and task, achieve stability and flexibility, streamline governance while increasing standards and delivering outstanding customer experience.

With a stable platform and best-practice service model, clients are empowered to transition to state-of-the-art digital platforms and provide enhanced services with confidence, maximising collaborative effectiveness through measurable improvements in the efficiency of frontline operations.

Our clients can enforce security and information policies at the same time as increasing business agility, with actionable, real-time business intelligence to streamline compliance, security and safety performance.

Leveraging The Network Investment

A reliable, robust and versatile network is essential for the modern retailer: outstanding customer experience demands responsive alignment of people, process and platform, and digital innovation can only begin with a stable information and collaboration infrastructure.

We provide retail customers with the expertise they need to enhance their wired and wireless network capabilities in a way that delivers demonstrable ROI, so that their existing IT can transform into a major catalyst for growth.

Our solutions reduce complexity while increasing flexibility, capability and performance, so that over time clients can enjoy lower total cost of ownership alongside improved services for both employees and customers.

  • We needed a partner who could understand our systems and the challenges of our portfolio, Block demonstrated the highest level of digital knowledge, had a strong desire to engage, has an established supply chain and could work in partnership with us to deliver a solution across our shopping centres.

    Gian Fulgoni
    Chief Information & Systems Officer intu