Founded in 2005, Connect IP has long been a highly valued partner to Block. Recognised for its commitment to quality and service excellence, Connect IP has firmly established itself as the partner of choice for organisations such as WeWork, Selfridges and intu.

“I’m delighted to welcome Connect IP to the Block Group of companies. We’ve partnered together for more than 12 years, and I’ve always felt a strong synergy between our ethos, values and culture. Like Block, Connect IP is a business built on the quality of its people, trusted client relationships and an unwavering commitment to quality and innovation,” explains Marc Chang, CEO.

The organisations will come together to provide clients across healthcare, retail and beyond, a full end-to-end connectivity experience that spans right the way through from the network outlet to final application.

“Increasingly, our clients are becoming challenged in assessing and transforming their physical environments to the level and speed that modern business demands. This can introduce unnecessary risk into high value network infrastructures through inconsistent quality, often significantly delaying projects and return on investment. With networks becoming ever more critical for a digital organisations success, many clients are looking for just one trusted partner to take the hassle away,” explains Chang.

Bob Allen joins the Block Executive Board and brings with him a wealth of experience in infrastructure design, installation and consultancy. Connect IP is particularly skilled in navigating highly challenging environments, whether that be speed, scale or complexity, which makes for a great fit amongst Block’s healthcare and retail client-base.

“It’s been an exciting time for both Block and Connect IP,” explains Bob Allen. “Joining forces provides great opportunity not only for our clients, but also for our team. Together, our teams provide unparalleled technical capability, along with a level of care and commitment that means we deliver on our promises every time. I can think of no better example of our shared values than our most recent collaboration to stand up the infrastructure at London’s 4000 bed Nightingale Hospital in just 7 days.” he concludes.

Connect-IP is Block’s second acquisition and provides several new lines of business, along with an expansion of the group’s client base with several high-profile national organisations. The new Sheffield location means that the group will benefit from an increased geographic presence, and will be focused on driving investment into the local infrastructure and community along with new employment opportunities.