Cisco Award

Cisco AwardWe’re proud to have been awarded Cisco Transformation and Innovation Partner of the Year and we’d like to thank our clients for helping to make this possible.

With a resolute focus on delivering exceptional value into specific verticals, we are extremely fortunate to be working with some of the most ambitious and forward-thinking organisations.

Within healthcare, we partner with Trusts focused on delivering exceptional care through the use of world-class digital technology and information. At Block we have always had passion for innovation, working with leading-edge technology to deliver real value for clients, but it’s our partnership with these Trusts that has allowed us to take this a step further. Whilst continuing to work with IT teams to deliver technically excellent platforms, we’ve also been given access to run workshops and innovation steering groups that collaborate with a diverse cross-section of the health and care sector. Our projects, right from the outset, involve administrators, doctors, nurses, board members and more, allowing us to gain a much deeper understanding of how our technology can be developed to truly improve the patient experience and drive NHS digital maturity towards global healthcare standards. It is only with this depth of understanding that real innovation and transformation can occur.

In parallel, we are also working with some of the most significant and complex retail and leisure destinations, again forming cross-functional teams to find ways to bring the kind of insight that’s available in the digital space to the physical space. With better intelligence of what’s happening on the ground, retail organisations can bridge the gap between online and offline, empowering them to deliver a far superior customer experience.

Working with these pioneering organisations give our teams a unique opportunity to hone their skills on a very practical level. With a thorough understanding of the technology and, even more importantly, how it can deliver value not just to our clients, but our client’s stakeholders, our people have the knowledge to really push the boundaries of the technologies we work with.