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Every council in the country is different, each with its own ambitions, policies, opportunities and challenge. Despite these differences, councils share a common journey to achieve financial sustainability.

Although many are at different stages in the process, each must proactively respond to budget cuts with a drive for efficiency gains. Achieving a sustainable future for local government, however, is dependent upon changing the way we think about funding local services and how systems are managed.

The drive for efficiencies must be about more than money. For long-term savings to be achieved, whole organisational structures must be reviewed, and transformed. Traditional ways of working must be re-shaped, a regeneration of workforce culture must be established and these changes must be simultaneously realistic and tangible for all councils throughout the UK.

Block works with local government organisations to provide IT Managed Services and consultancy that deliver a wide range of business and managed outcomes. As a vertically focused partner, we offer a unique, value-driven approach that combines understanding and expertise of the processes, challenges, culture and needs facing councils throughout the UK. Blending all this with a wide range of enabling technology, we promise quantifiable, strategically aligned outcomes.


Working Without Borders

Explore how mobility is enabling Councils to improve productivity, reduce office space expenditure, streamline governance, deliver efficiencies and a better user experience.

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