Business Outcomes


Productivity, Efficiency
& Quality

Workforce Mobilisation
& Collaboration

Exceptional Customer

Service Consolidation
& Improvement

Staff Engagement
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Digital Transformation

Successful business transformation creates flexible, sustainable organisations ready to seize opportunity, circumvent obstacles, minimise risk and respond to market disruption in real time. The rapid shift to digital across all markets means that transformation is no longer optional, but a core requirement for any organisation wishing to build competitive advantage and become or remain a leader in its field.

Helping an organisation realise its full potential therefore requires a holistic appreciation of its goals and priorities, market environment and current capabilities in order to plan and drive the best path ahead, informed by a deep understanding of the nuances of digital strategy for specialised verticals.

We invest time to understand your challenges and goals, baseline current technology and service maturity, identify the gaps between current operation and aspiration, and develop and drive a path to success by giving you the tools and service expertise to achieve it.

Combining knowledge of your sector, people, customers, processes, governance, challenges and business objectives, we’ll help you unite transformational digital technology with next generation service models to develop a tailored business programme that makes a real, measurable impact and gets the results you need.

Productivity, Efficiency and Quality

A consistent theme in all of our client work is the drive to achieve more with available resources by adopting innovative technology and implementing next generation service and governance models.

Experience shows us that technology is just one piece of the puzzle: by understanding what motivates people to perform within your own organisation, and firmly aligning systems and services to the strategic priorities of your business, our solutions and service expertise allows clients to enhance and streamline processes to deliver quantifiable improvements in operational efficiency. Clients are able to reduce cost per capita and task, achieve stability and flexibility, streamline governance while increasing standards, and deliver outstanding end-user customer experiences.

With a stable platform and best-practice service model, clients are empowered to transition to state of the art digital technologies and provide enhanced services with confidence, maximising return on investment through measurable improvements in the efficiency of frontline operations.

Our clients can enforce security and information policies while at the same time improving business agility, with actionable, real-time business intelligence and operational visibility that reduces cost while streamlining compliance, security and safety performance.

Workforce Mobilisation and Collaboration

Getting information and data to people where and when they need it efficiently and effectively, and in any environment, is a key imperative for many organisations. No matter how good your applications and services are, if your people can’t connect to them their value will be limited.

Our mobility and collaboration solutions keep people securely connected and effectively collaborating, regardless of where they are, or the device they’re using.

By investing time and resource to understand client aspirations, challenges, behaviours and current working environment, we provide expertly designed collaboration platforms that deliver next generation workspaces, optimised for any device, secure, flexible, and without boundaries.

Clients benefit from improved productivity, reduced expenditure and streamlined governance, while users are happier, with opportunities for better work/life balance, improved team communication and state of the art user experience. Information is both secure and rapidly accessible where and when it is required, and teams can communicate and collaborate with ease.

Our consistent track record in delivering reliable and accessible mobile infrastructures, often in challenging environments, has earned us a reputation for excelling where many others struggle.

Exceptional Customer Experiences

In the digital era, customer behavior and expectations are evolving at an ever increasing pace. Constant innovation in engagement models, 24/7 access to information and major shifts in traditional attitudes, have all combined to ensure that the quality of customer experience is now pivotal to ongoing success.

Our solutions place people’s needs front and centre. Our approach focuses on the needs of end user customers and the people who serve them, with technology rightly viewed as an enabler.

Our clients are able to attract and retain customers by offering state of the art services supported by an agile, autonomous workforce who are empowered to provide outstanding customer service and an inspirational customer experience.

Service Consolidation & Improvement

Achieving optimised, efficient operations within IT departments is about much more than technology investment, the overall structure and approach to service provision is equally crucial.

ICT operations that have not yet achieved optimised maturity often suffer from poor knowledge sharing, unpredictable performance, and a reactive culture that is costly to operate; while optimised, consolidated models can reduce cost and complexity while simultaneously delivering more reliable, flexible, proactive services.

We offer clients a proven approach to service consolidation, assessing current capabilities and taking time to understand strategic and operational objectives, so as to enable a successful transition where IT and business stakeholders are able to work in partnership.

Clients achieve a service operation that is continuously aligned to business priorities, and which can be easily refined and enhanced to offer new services and take advantage of new technologies. Security and governance policies are enforced more effectively, operations are streamlined and simplified, allowing reduction in costs and redeployment of expertise and resources to address other priorities.

Staff Engagement & Wellbeing

In the digital era, a modern, flexible working environment plays an increasingly crucial role in staff engagement and well-being.

Many organisations now recognise that a reliable and secure infrastructure, underpinned by the right enabling technologies, can improve knowledge sharing, collaboration, work-life balance and staff retention. Ultimately raising morale, facilitating learning and reducing absenteeism whilst helping to attract new talent.

Our people-centric approach helps clients understand current capabilities and pain points, and identify a cost-effective path to achieve a next-generation workspace that maximises staff engagement at all levels within the organisation.

  • We needed an effective solution to better support and manage a varied PC estate at Whipps Cross hospital. Implementing VDI has brought us onto a faster, more consistent and reliable PC platform; providing our staff the necessary foundation to build further technology enablers upon, ultimately helping us to achieve our goal of delivering excellent patient care.

    Sarah Jensen
    Chief Information Officer, Barts Health NHS Trust
  • It was invaluable for KIMS that Block had health sector experience, they were able to work closely with us and fully understand our unique needs and challenges.

    Cathy Simonson
    Finance Director Kent Institute of Medicine & Surgery
  • We needed a partner who could understand our systems and the challenges of our portfolio, Block demonstrated the highest level of digital knowledge, had a strong desire to engage, has an established supply chain and could work in partnership with us to deliver a solution across our shopping centres.

    Gian Fulgoni
    Chief Information & Systems Officer intu
  • Block always looks for innovative ways when delivering IT solutions for the Trust. Block provide a reliable professional friendly approach when engaging with staff and they always deliver solutions on time.

    Jonathan Hayes
    Head of ICT Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust